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8/19/2019 Executive Director's Message, August 2019
8/7/2019 The "Workcation"
8/7/2019 2020 Medicare Fee Schedule
8/7/2019 Female Doctors Pay a Higher Price for Family
8/7/2019 TBCE, Statistics through June 2019
8/7/2019 University of Houston Discovers Wearable Device You Won't Notice
8/7/2019 Democratic Debate Points on Healthcare
8/7/2019 FDA Approves First Drug for Joint Tumor
8/7/2019 VA Scientist to Co-lead $21 Million Study on Chronic Low Back Pain Management
8/7/2019 Whole Body Vibration Can Deter Inflammation in Diabetes
8/6/2019 Input on Changes to Worker's Comp Rules Sought
7/31/2019 Executive Director’s Message July 2019
7/31/2019 TCA Staff Changes
7/24/2019 Neurophysiological Effects of Spinal Manipulation
7/24/2019 Invitation to Stakeholder Meeting on Pat…
7/24/2019 Texas Chiropractic Board of Examiners: Board Rules 101
7/24/2019 TBCE Rules Changes, May 2019
7/24/2019 You’re Going to Love It
7/24/2019 FCLB: New District IV Director
7/16/2019 Veterans Community Provider Access Criteria
7/16/2019 Chronic Inflammation Removes Motivation
7/16/2019 NIHR Reveals How to Increase Physical Activity in Everyday Life
7/16/2019 How Electrical Stimulation Promotes Wound Healing
7/16/2019 Psychiatric Diagnosis 'Scientifically Meaningless'
6/24/2019 --- Supreme Court Accepts Full Briefing in TCA & TBCE v. TMA (VONT) Lawsuit

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