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10/21/2019 Parker University Hit by Tornado
10/18/2019 Chiropractic Health Month Efforts Continue
10/17/2019 TCA to Fight for Right of Chiropractors to Perform Acupuncture
10/8/2019 Additional TBCE Rules Updates
10/8/2019 October Declared Chiropractic Health Month
10/8/2019 Call for Nominations to 2020-21 TCA Executive Offices
10/8/2019 Call for Nominations for P. A. Willmon Memorial Award
10/8/2019 Call for Nominations: Keeler Award, and Young Chiropractor of the year
10/8/2019 Americans Making Themselves Sick Over Politics
10/8/2019 Scientists Identify Cause of Antibiotic Resistance
10/8/2019 Have Medical Societies Lost Their Way?
10/8/2019 Family Physicians Say They Need to Protect Scope Their of Practice
10/8/2019 Association Between Chiropractic Use and Opioid Receipt Among Patients with Spinal Pain
10/8/2019 Molecular Link Between Chronic Pain and Depression
9/24/2019 Gov. Abbott Declares October 'Chiropractic Health Month'
9/23/2019 TBCE Proposes More Rules Changes
9/23/2019 Christine Goertz, D.C., Appointed Chair of PCORI Board
9/23/2019 Chiropractors Encourage Steps for Better Musculoskeletal Health
9/23/2019 Chiropractic Care Works for Troops with Lower Back Pain, Not All Have Access
9/23/2019 The Association of Initial Healthcare Provider for New-onset Low Back Pain with Early and Long-term Opioid Use
9/23/2019 Chiropractors and Acute Lower Back Pain, a Five-year Prospective Cohort Study
9/23/2019 Physical Inactivity Proved Risky for Children
9/23/2019 Hand Sanitizer Doesn't Count as Flu Prevention
9/13/2019 TBCE Adopts Rule Changes
8/23/2019 Oct. 2019 is National Chiropractic Health Month
8/23/2019 Healthiest Packaged Foods in the World

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