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5/24/2019 Healthy Food is a Prescription for Better Health
5/24/2019 Use of Non-Pharmacological Pain Treatment Modalities Among Veterans with Chronic Pain
5/24/2019 Gov. Abbott Signs Chiropractic Provider Discrimination Bill
5/23/2019 SMT and Exercise for Older Adults with Chronic LBP
5/22/2019 TCA Districts Elect New Leadership for 2019-20
5/22/2019 Chiro Texpo ’19 Is Almost Here … What Are You Waiting For?
5/21/2019 Legislative Update
5/20/2019 Neuromusculoskeletal Health, Spinal Manipulation, Migraine Pain and Disability
5/17/2019 WHO Guidelines for Preventing Dementia
5/17/2019 Avoiding Back Pain at Work
5/14/2019 The Money and Politics of Prescription Drugs
5/14/2019 DEA warns of alarming increase of scam calls
5/13/2019 TDI to Call for Identifing Rules that Need Updating
5/13/2019 Big Medicine is Putting Small Practices Out of Business
5/12/2019 More than a Quarter of New Moms Overlook 4th Trimester Care
5/12/2019 33% of Cancer Patients use CAM
5/6/2019 TCA Legislative Report, May 2019
5/6/2019 Executive Director’s Message, May 2019
5/2/2019 ICA Board Files Formal Complaint with World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC)
5/1/2019 Keeping Fit is a State of Mind
5/1/2019 New Primary Care Pay Models Emphasize Outcomes
5/1/2019 Three Alternatives to the U.S. Healthcare System Considered
5/1/2019 Prior Authorization Bill Expected in Congress This Summer
5/1/2019 More on Measles
4/22/2019 Legislative Update: Clock is Ticking
4/22/2019 Obituary: Chandra Lee Crisp-Silva
4/17/2019 Web MD Makes Historic Invite to Chiropractors
4/17/2019 TDI to Review "Old Law" Chapters of Code
4/17/2019 Health Insurers Have Inconsistent Policy Terms for Non-drug Pain Treatments
4/17/2019 Are Insurers Aware of Their Legal Obligations to DCs?
4/17/2019 Texas Tech Medical School to Stop Considering Race in Admissions
4/17/2019 U.S. Uninsured Rate Sticks at Around 9%
4/17/2019 Can Healthcare Escape the 'Reality TV Paradox'?
4/17/2019 Doctors are Bad at Reading Lab Results
4/17/2019 Measles in Texas: 2019
4/1/2019 Keeping Fit is a State of Mind

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