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11/27/2019 Chiropractic Maintenance Care - What’s New? A Systematic Review of the Literature
11/27/2019 Care for Low Back Pain: Can Health Systems Deliver?
11/27/2019 The Quality of Life of Children Under Chiropractic Care
11/27/2019 Low Back Pain: a Disease or an Episode?
11/27/2019 Fewer Adverse Outcomes Associated with Nonpharmacological Treatment in Army Chronic Pain Patients
11/27/2019 Manual Therapy Providers Forge Closer Ties at Interprofessional Collaborative Spine Conference
11/27/2019 DEA Warns of Alarming Increase of Scam Calls
11/25/2019 Executive Director's Message - November 2019
11/15/2019 Summary of TBCE Actions
11/15/2019 Governor Abbott Appoints Dr. Keven Ellis Chair of the State Board of Education
11/15/2019 TBCE President’s Message
11/15/2019 TBCE Stats Through September
11/15/2019 TBCE Executive Director’s Message
11/11/2019 President's Message - 11/19
11/8/2019 Reflections On Veterans Day
11/5/2019 Chiropractic Management of a Patient with Asthma
11/5/2019 Sleep Protects the Brain Against Alzheimer’s by Washing It
11/5/2019 Brain Injury After Concussion May Linger
11/5/2019 Teens With a Loving Bond with Mother are Less Likely to Enter Abusive Relationships
11/5/2019 Researchers Discover First Clues on How Gut Health Influences Brain Health
10/28/2019 FDA Database, Where a Death Isn't Death
10/28/2019 CMS Unveils New Rules: Too Little Too Late?
10/28/2019 Chiropractic Integration Within a Community Health Center
10/28/2019 Seniors' Distrust of Telemedicine
10/28/2019 Trump Outlines Medicare Reform Plan
10/28/2019 Groups Outline 8 Ways Forward for Healthcare Reform
10/28/2019 Exploring Magnetotherapy
10/28/2019 Senator Predicts Surprise Billing Law Will Pass Congress Within Weeks
10/28/2019 Daily Exposure to Blue Light may Accelerate Aging
10/28/2019 Breaking Up With an Insurer
10/25/2019 TCA Enters Lawsuit Defending Right to Perform Acupuncture
10/8/2019 Call for Nominations for P. A. Willmon Memorial Award
10/8/2019 Call for Nominations: Keeler Award, and Young Chiropractor of the year

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