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10/18/2019 Member News

Chiropractic Health Month Efforts Continue

We are halfway through the month and efforts across the state to spread awareness of chiropractic care are taking off. Since the start of this campaign, over a dozen cities in Texas have proclaimed October to be “Chiropractic Health Month” following the initiative by the TCA and the American Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic care remains a primary alternative to combating the American opioid crisis, as you can see in this interview with Dr. Ryan Bailey, TCA District 7 State Director.

What steps can you take to bring chiropractic to forefront of your community?

1. Reach out to your city hall about making a proclamation to announce Chiropractic Health Month. This is a great public relations opportunity for not only you and your practice, but for chiropractic in general.
2. Become a leading voice and volunteer your time to educate citizens about chiropractic health. Whether that is through schools or community events, find time to share with others the benefits of maintaining a healthy chiropractic lifestyle.
3. Participate more with TCA and be inspired by fellow chiropractors working hard to protect and promote your profession throughout the state and back to your individual communities.
4. Access the ACA toolkit provided to you to ensure your campaign to promote chiropractic health is successful. Visit their website at for more information.

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