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Call for Nominations to 2020-21 TCA Executive Offices

Early next year the Texas Chiropractic Association will elect executive officers for 2020-21.  The association is calling for nominations of those interested in pursuing service as an executive officer.  
Notify the TCA Office of your desire to be nominated and they will explain election procedures that must be followed.
The executive officers of the TCA are the president, vice president and secretary/treasurer.  They are elected for a one-year term of office or until their successors are elected and installed.  
Candidates for election must maintain a license to practice chiropractic in Texas and be a regular TCA member in good standing for the five years prior to election.   They must have served a full term as state director, association committee chair, district president, or department coordinator.
Candidates must not be a paid consultant or employee of the insurance industry, a chiropractic college or a state or national association.  They may not simultaneously hold an executive office in the TCA and serve as an executive officer or board member of any other state or national chiropractic association, nor serve as a current member of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners.   Any individual that does not meet these criteria may appeal to the board of directors to become eligible to be an executive officer.
Those meeting these qualifications may nominated by submitting 25 written nominations from voting members in good standing.  Nominations must be received before midnight, January 31, 2020.  After this date, ballots for any contested election will be mailed to eligible TCA members  with instructions for voting.  In the event of a complete slate of uncontested races, the association will not mail ballots.  To be elected, a nominee for elective office must receive a plurality vote of those ballots returned. The membership will be notified of the outcome as directed by the board of directors.  
The president serves as chair of the executive committee, presides at the annual convention and meetings of the board of directors, is responsible for carrying out the policies of the board of directors and directing the business of the association.  The president works in partnership with the association’s executive director to ensure that board resolutions and policies are carried out.  The current vice president will become the president of the association.
The duties of the office of vice president include performing the president’s duties in the absence of that officer, ascending to the office of president upon the completion of that officer’s term, and serving as chair of the Policy Manual Committee reviewing and suggesting necessary changes to the association’s policy manual in advance of his or her term of office.
The secretary/treasurer is the third executive officer of the TCA and is responsible for the accurate recording of the association’s business meetings and ensure that a copy of minutes are furnished to the officers and directors.  The secretary/treasurer also provides oversight for the Financial Oversight & Budget Committee.  The secretary/treasurer is expected to advance to the office of vice president. 

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