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TBCE Proposes More Rules Changes

The Board voted at the September 12, 2019, meeting to propose repealing the following rules from the Texas Administrative Code:
22 TAC §71.2 (Petition for Adoption of Rules)
22 TAC §72.1 (Definitions)
22 TAC §78.5 (Spinal Screenings)
22 TAC §81.1 (Definitions)
22 TAC §81.3 (Application Denial)
22 TAC §81.11 (Extensions of Time)
Also reported for repeal and replace are:

22 TAC §71.1 (Definitions), change to “Petition for Adoption of Rules
22 TAC §72.10 (Jurisprudence Exam Disqualification), change to “Appealing a Denied Application”
22 TAC §72.12 (Criminal History Evaluation Letters)
22 TAC §75.1 (Code of Ethics)
22 TAC §75.3 (Fraud Prevention)
22 TAC §77.1 (Definitions), change to “Advertising and Public Communications”
22 TAC §77.2 (Advertising, Public Communications, and Telemarketing), change to “Telemarketing”
22 TAC §77.3 (Patient’s Right to Disclosure of Charges)
22 TAC §78.2 (Prohibitions)
22 TAC §78.3 (Delegation of Authority), change to “General Delegation of Responsibility”
22 TAC §79.2 (Lack of Diligence)
22 TAC §79.4 (Impaired Licensees and Applicants)

The proposed repeals and new rules will be published in the October 4, 2019, issue of the Texas Register. Please note there will be two separate rulemaking actions published in the Texas Register; one for the repeal and one for the new rule.

Comments on a new rule or a request for a public hearing may be submitted to: 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-825, Austin, Texas 78701; by email at; or by fax at 512-305-6705 no later than 30 days from the publication date. Please include the rule name and number in the subject line of any comments submitted by email.

Source:  TBCE

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